Frequently Asked Questions 🙄

Do you have a question about the services we provide? We have all the answers you need.

Brandikonic will provide you best experienced creative artists & designers who can justify the values of your brand with your logo. and with our 100% money-back guarantee you either get a design you love or a full we are unsure your satisfaction & payment security even before you start working with us.

It’s simple. we believe in building a relationship.

We’re not here for just one transaction. we want to impress our clients by providing world-class customer experience & service so you don’t have to find another design company ever. thus more business for us in long term, more referrals & more growth. win-win for everyone.

There are lots of other companies designing logos why should we choose you?

Yes..there are a lot of other companies or individuals who design logos at cheap prices.

But with brandikonic, you get the entire powerhouse needed to grow your brand. When professional artists, branding experts, pro marketing experts & creative graphic designers work together on creating a design you don’t just get a logo that looks good but you also get a long term design asset that works for your brand 24×7*365 attracting new customers for your brand & building a memorable identity for your brand.

We charge for reliability, perfection, professionalism & lifetime service.

You can’t get that with other cheap companies or designers.

After you submit your design brief it will take around 48 to 72 hours to get the first initial designs. and if you respond quickly & tell us whether you want revisions or want to finalize it will take overall 5 to 7 days to finalize your logo. your quick response and co-operation will dictate the final delivery time. our average order compilation time is 5 to 7 days.

yes. absolutely at any time during your order you want to upgrade your package you just tell us and your package will be upgraded.

you have to pay the price difference at the delivery time.

We believe there is no such thing as discount. If you decrease the price the quality will suffer as well. here at brandikonic we never compromise on quality of our we can lose the order but can not offer discounts because of our personal we don’t offer discounts.
(we occasionally offer exclusive price for our community members. You might see some special prices during our promotion)

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